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Business in Ukraine заказать в Львове
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Business in Ukraine

Business in Ukraine

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Украина, Львов
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Good day Dear Investor.

We are young team of experienced consultants that would like to offer YOU a complex decision making regarding YOUR interests in providing business activity in Ukraine.

What do we offer:

  • - Registration of a new business in Ukraine
  • - Search and analysis of real estate for your business
  • - Law and accountancy support for the first period of time
  • - Tax advisory
  • - Recruiting of personnel
  • - Search of suppliers and support with tenders
  • - Export services


If you are looking to shorten costs of production in your country we are ready to help YOU to do this in Ukraine. If you are looking to outsource some of your business process, we are also at YOUR disposal.

Our knowledge and experience in doing business in Ukraine will help YOU easily organize an effective and production business unit, which will lead YOU and YOUR business to the top.

What are the top 5 reasons to do business in Ukraine?

  • Natural Resources – Ukraine can offer resources such as land, water, wood and agriculture; all this in the near proximity of Central Europe.
  • Geographic location of Ukraine allows conducting logistics from the Far East. Ukraine could become a land bridge from China or Caucasus to West Europe.
  • Well educated population – many high skilled engineers and IT specialists.
  • Euro integration – recent political decisions that were taken, are made with the mind that Ukraine has to be open and transparent in relations with its partners in Europe.
  • Rising middle class – Ukraine is experiencing an increasing in the numbers of middle class, which will stipulate consumption of goods and services of higher quality


We provide our services with passion to our country, which could be one of the most competitive supplier of high quality goods to the world markets.


We speak English and Polish

In case YOU would like to know more details, do not hesitate to contact:

Yuriy Tymofiiv, Co-owner, “IN-UA”LLC +380674042746

Volodymyr Datsko, Co-owner, “IN-UA” LLC



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Business in Ukraine
Business in Ukraine
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